When Is the Last Time You Had Your Chainsaw Sharpened?

Bring your power equipment to our New Milford, CT, shop

Is your chainsaw starting to cut unevenly? Did you sharpen one side of your chainsaw better than the other and now have uneven cutter lengths? West Street Power in New Milford, CT, is the company to trust with your power equipment for chain sharpening.

Chain Saw, New Milford, CT

You can count on us to:

  • Properly remove your chain
  • Sharpen the cutting teeth and grind the raker gauge to the proper height
  • Hand-inspect the chain before reinstalling
  • We use a German automated sharpening machine to give your chainsaw an edge. Come to West Street Power immediately to have your chainsaw cutting smoothly in no time. Call 860-799-7423 to speak with our chain-sharpening specialists.

    Chainsaw Sharpening Pricing

    • Chipper knife sharpening $1.25 per inch
    • Blade sharpening $8 each
    • Chain sharpening $10 per inch, up to 20 inches - $14 per inch above 20 inches
    • $9 each for 10 or more
    • $20 on the saw

    Get back to work as quickly as possible

    Whether your lawn mower has stopped working or you want a chain professionally sharpened, you'll find the services you need at West Street Power in New Milford, CT.

    We take pride in being your best choice for small engine repairs, tractor services and more. Tell us about the problems you're having with your power equipment today.